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it is the safe spot nestled among the fearful things, with the warm hearth like a beating heart and those who love you waiting for you. the walls whisper, “come here, come to me. i who love you will keep you safe.” when the night is dark all around, when the monsters creep out from the shadows and stretch their bony fingers toward your ankles, the glow of home will wrap you in its arms, sparks flying from the hearth like hot kisses, and shelter you ‘til dawn.


literary character inspiration: the governess from the turn of the screw

in the days leading up to Halloween, I’ll be returning to my old literary character inspiration- but with characters from famous spooky stories.

The modern young protagonist takes a position as a nanny for the two children of a wealthy widower. Once she settles into the old mansion however, the naive young woman begins to see things in the shadows, in the reflections of the windows. This story leaves you to wonder if there are ghosts in the great home of Flora and Miles, or if the innocent young governess is slowly losing her mind.


inspiration for the explorers of the moon, stars, & constellations

"cosmic stars illuminate the indigo sky, creating constellations that paint the entire night’s canvas. the moon shines as brightly as the light in your eyes."

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Eternal Youth Co.

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Forgotten winter pleasures

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